Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bipolar Medications: A Patient's Perspective

Went to a new psych last month. He changed my meds from when I originally posted my bipolar medication regimen.
I was taking, daily:
- Seroquel 100mg
- Prozac 40mg
Also, had also been taking Zoloft, a drug that was never nice to me. The doc reminded me that Prozac and Zoloft work on the same pathway, so it is redundant to take them together. Plus...Prozac makes me feel happier. Zoloft makes me feel crazier. Easy choice.
My new daily combination of medication to treat my Bipolar are: - Seroquel ER 150mg
- Celexa 5mg (which I upped to 10mg because of continuing depression.) Still don't feel great, but out of the black hole at least. Not even close to what I consider my "normal". Bleh. I'll update as things change.


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