Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bipolar Hypomanic Update Second Day of Spring

High Gear With Gray Skies

In true form, I have been out of touch with the blog for a long time. Anyone see a pattern?

This photo is the weather outside right now, the second day of spring. Still looks like a winter wonderland.

Although outside it's all wintery grey skies, and has been for some time, I have been maintaining a hypomanic state since I pulled out of the depressive episode I last described.

It may not seem like a good thing to maintain hypomania, but I am always mainly aiming to keep depression away, and this state is much better. I have used my behavioral (get enough sleep, manage stress) and other tools (medication) to try and prevent severe mood swings. Seroquel keeps me from going full-on manic, and, with taking prozac not such a great idea when hypomanic, I am using low-dose marajuana (mainly female leaves) to manage depression. Seroquel on one end and marajuana on the other is pretty effective for keeping me functioning. 

I do want to slow down some. Working too much. Stressed by schedule. Maybe I will ask doc about upping the Seroquel dose for a bit to reign me in. 

In writing about what I am using to manage my bipolar, I am not advising anyone what to use to manage theirs. Only you and your psychiatrist an determine what is besst for managing your disorder.