Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Research on Bipolar Disorder & Addiction

In yesterday's posting, I said that I would look into current research and information on the relationship between bipolar disorder and addictive behavior, and I've found some great info and links.

It appears that about 60% of those with bipolar disorder will have problems with substance abuse at some point in their life. This problem actually has its own term, "dual diagnosis", meaning a combination of mental disorder and addiction. Many people with mood disorders tend to self-medicate. Seems there is still less shame associated with being an alcoholic or drug abuser than with having a mental disorder.

A very recent study from January 2009 in the European Psychiatry (referenced below), had preliminary results showing "a strong relationship between Bipolar II Disorders and Alcohol Addiction: hypomanic states induce high risk behaviours which may become responsible for relapse and increased alcohol consumption".

Below are a few recent studies and helpful web articles that I found. Beware when you do mental health searches on search engines. Many of the results that come up are sites trying to see you something.

Busy week at work. It is start of the summer semester and I teach. So although I realize that I am hypomanic right now, slowing down is not an option. Maybe next week. Taking meds as I should, but already thinking about having a drink when I get home.

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