Saturday, November 26, 2011

Medications That Manage Bipolar Disroder

...or, at least medications that finally manage mine. I am finally on a medication regimen that is working. Here it is:

200mg Wellbutrin (bupropion)

and one non-prescription ibuprofen PM

Finally out of depression! A little freakazoid-wired and anxious (although almost completely off caffeine), but I am functioning. Currently I am able to:
  • get up at some point in the morning
  • take care of my family throughout the day
  • go to work teaching college
  • work on my blog and other freelance writing projects
BTW, What Not to Do: The other night (after a few glasses of wine, which I should not be imbibing with bipolar), I accidentally took my daytime meds instead of my nighttime ones. I was awake all night long. Then I figured out what I did and, at 5am, took a half dose of my nighttime meds and slept a little.

Now all was well.

Hope you all are out there balancing too!

- Moodie

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  1. hi i am on quitiapine 4 times a day 100mg each time also peroxatine in the morning and zopiclone at night time i find that it doesnt make me tired thats why i need the zopiclone is this normal

  2. I'm glad to hear your have a medication regimen that is working for you! That makes all the difference in having a better quality of life.

    I absolutely adore Seroquel. I take 100 mg of Seroquel XR every night. It is the only prescription I've been on that eases me into sleep by making me feel progressively more drowsy and calm rather than knocking me out.

  3. Had a couple of sleepless nights due to my current problem remembering to take my Seroquel (2 nights in a row).

    Check out what happened at: