Friday, May 25, 2012

Bipolar Disorder Jewelry

Fun Jewelry for People With Bipolar Disorder
Have you found any pieces of jewelry that identify with your bipolar disorder? This is my best find so far. I got this reversible smiley / sad face ring at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago store. I loved it, but it tarnished almost immediately, so I no longer wear it. 

Fun Jewelry for People With Mood DisorderI have looked online at the MCA Chicago store website, and see no sign of it (although it may be in the store, but not on the site). I actually can't find it, or a higher quality (sterling silver) version, anywhere! 

Has anyone seen this ring, or do you know of, or have, other pieces of jewelry that are perfect for the bipolar bejeweled?

Please share! Post a comment and, if you have it, include a link to any cool "bipolar jewelry" that you've seen online.  

I did just buy a sterling silver mood ring on eBay, because I thought it would be funny, and it reminded me of when I was a kid and mood rings were everywhere. When I get it, I'll take a pic and let you know if I like it.

Wednesday 5/30: Got my new mood ring, and love it! It's sterling silver, so wont turn my finger green, but the sterling was a little pricey, about $50 delivered. The ring is well made and arrived quickly. I got it from The kids were so interested in my ring that I went back online and got some cheap kids mood rings for them. Fun :)

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  1. Love these fashion rings!
    really cute!.. i've pinned these images to my Pinterest Board!