Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bipolar Manic Irritation and Bitchiness

Bipolar Disorder and Bitchiness
I just swung into hypomania today...rapid (pressured) speech, high energy, restlessness, agitation and even being irritable. I know that short temperdness, or irritation, for me, is a sign that my hypomania is getting out of hand, and if I'm not careful, I can swing into a full-blown manic episode.

This evening, my 7yo son was off the charts spazzy, and I could tell I was getting more easily irritated than I would normally. Even driving, I was easily annoyed by other drivers.

Irritation is a symptom of bipoar mania and hypomania. So, in order for me to slow down and have a more balanced mood, I need to:
- take my meds as directed
- get a full nights sleep
- and consciously try to slow down, do less, relax.

Do you experience irritation with your bipolar disorder, or from a loved one who is bipolar? Leave a comment and share your experience, so that we can help each other.

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